How to Increase Organic Traffic Results

Organic traffic amounts to two things, backlinks, and search engine optimization (SEO). Unlike in the early days of online marketing SEO is less about filling your pages with keywords for the search engines, than it is about identifying the keywords your customers will use to find you.

In The Mind Of The Customer

To increase your organic traffic first you have to think like your customer. Create a list of keywords that your customer will use. Don’t limit yourself to product names and brands, think about the problem your customer has that your product/service will solve. What words do you customers use to describe their problem?

Go over the list of keywords and phrases you have. Do you cover all the buying cycle stages? Do you have keywords for someone researching? Someone pricing up options? Someone looking for a specific product/solution to their problem?

It’s a seconds-matter marketing world out there, and these keywords change quickly and often. Here’s a few tips on staying ahead of the curve.

Types of Keywords:

  • Top of the funnel – phrases that state the problem/need/desire of the prospect
  • Middle of the funnel – Phrases that state the answer to the problem, and specific industry phrases.
  • Bottom of the funnel – Brand names for pricing, fine print – terms of services, and product availability

Also look at the competition both in organic results pages, and in the PPC ads so you’ll be forewarned if you decide invest in PPC yourself. The key is to hit every stage in the buying cycle with keyword rich content tailored to the ideal customer’s tastes and needs. This satisfies both the visitor and the search engine simultaneously.